The least sophisticated consumer doesn’t need everything spelled out for him.  Or at least that’s what the Eleventh Circuit held recently in Conde v. Webcollex, LLC, No. 18-12551 — another case where a court finds that something means exactly what it says.

The plaintiff in Conde filed suit after he got a validation letter

In Hill v. Accounts Receivables Servs., LLC, the Eighth Circuit recently considered whether the materiality of a misleading statement should factor into finding  liability under Section 1692e of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In Hill, a debtor brought suit against creditor Accounts Receivables Services, LLC (ARS), challenging ARS’s assignment of the

For our overview of the full D.C. Circuit opinion in ACA International v. FCC, click here. Here, we address one significant component of the decision: the D.C. Circuit’s confirmation that consumers may revoke consent to call by any reasonable means but with the qualification that parties may be able to contract around certain